Our Story

Go Global is an ambitious young organization specialized in Enterprise Risk Management Solutions, Professional Training and Consultations Locally & Worldwide. About 32 associates offered roughly 100 professional training in 2017. Go Global is a recognized silver partner with the Professional Evaluation and Certification Board (PECB) in Canada. Go Global offers the Certified Enterprise Risk Management Professional Diploma (CERMP) which is accredited from our affiliates of Cambridge International College (CIC) in the UK.

Go Global is the founder of the innovative web-based ERM/GRC Sound Holistic Integrated Risk Assurance (SHIRA) System. Go Global has been shortlisted with the worldwide big 4 consulting firms as an Audit Service Provider, Actuarial/Risk Consultancy Services, and Technology firm and has received various Special Recognition awards. Go Global is a provider of ICAAP and IFRS 9 professional training, Consultations and solutions.

Orgnizational Structure

Orgnizational Structure



To be the preferred and trusted service provider of:
•Enterprise Risk Management Solutions.
•Professional Training and Certification.
•Business Consultations Locally and Worldwide.
•Implement Various Quality Management Systems as PECB partners.
•QMS Certification of Individuals as well as Organisations.



Provide Professional & Technical Business Solutions and Services, Training, Certification and Consultations in Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) and Quality Management Systems (QMS) fields.

Key Values

Integrity: Work with Integrity and Trustworthiness.

Client Driven: Tailor-made business solutions.

Adaptability: Fast Adaptability to Market Dynamics and Changes.

Team Spirit:Appreciate working by Team Spirit Internally and Externally.

Passionate and Determined:We are passionate and committed to greatness.

Innovation: Innovation is our Life Style in Thinking and Implementing the Ideas.