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To help you develop your business and comply to the emerging international requirements and standards, we developed our effective and efficient software solutions.


International Financial Reporting Standard 9 (IFRS 9)

Moving from Incurred Loss Model” to “Expected Loss Model 

IFRS 9 – extensive software guidance on factors that should be considered for the context of your entity's internal credit risk management and reporting including: 

(A) Internal Credit Rating System 

(B) Probability of Default (PD)

(C) Exposure at Default (EAD)

(D) Loss Given Default (LGD)

IFRS 9 Software solution has many Technical Specifications including: 

Configurable PD policy structure 

Smart, flexible and easy API platform 

 Fast and accurate (reliable) rating operations and many more...


With its advanced reporting engine, powerful search, and friendly user interface, SHIRA offers a joined-up approach to risk with business stakeholders, senior management, and the board. By viewing risk through your organization’s different structures and reporting lines, the cause and impact of a risk can be fully understood. 

SHIRA lets you implement enterprise risk management (ERM) appetite framework. It aids risk management by capturing information such as loss events, key risk indicators (KRIs), assessment responses, and scenario analysis data in a flexible and connected way, which you can then analyze and communicate effectively. There are many reasons that make you buy SHIRA rather than other ERM/GRC products in the market. A set of 16 real reasons make you do confidently take the decision. 


SHIRA solution enables your organization to run in better governance mode and provides efficiency in measuring the governance model in many areas 


SHIRA solution enables your organization to manage all spectrum of risks that it faces in a correlated and interrelated manner, thus concentrating on significant risks and key controls, providing assurance to the BOD and stakeholders that the organization is running efficiently and effectively and will achieve its objectives. 


SHIRA solution enables your organization to plan, run and follow up internal audit function on a risk-based internal audit manner and techniques.

Internal Credit Rating and Evaluation Solution (ICRES)

Internal Credit Rating & Evaluation Solution Business & IT Advisory Services Automated System for Customer .

Technical Specifications: 

1. Dynamic structures for rating schemas and policies. 

2. Identification of predefined core fields for multi-use in multi-schemas. 

3. Dynamic unlimited multi-level rating schemas to mirror the organization strategy and rating policies. 

4. Configurable risk based pricing. 

5. Configurable probability of default (PD) offsets based on historical micro factors in the organization. 

6. Managing Complex rating rules and dynamics. 

7. Fast and accurate (reliable) rating operations. 

8. Easy to adjust and history log features enabling trending capabilities and analytics. 

9. Easy to provide data entry and validation forms based on identified rating schemes. 

10. Control data-entry forms strategy; centralized or decentralized based on business model. 

11. Push data & pull data communication features. 

12. Multi rating policies available for the same schema to provide flexibility in rating operations. 

13. Access control and multi-role management. 

14. Dynamic workflow for approval process – features upon request. 

15. Notification; instant notification and / or email - features upon request. 

16. Smart,flexible and easy Application Platform Interface (API) platform creation and communication (Download and Upload).

Our Offer

- Business Consulting Services for scoring and rating policies and platforms.

- ICRES Solution License for Internal Credit Rating and Evaluation.

- Technical implementation and configuration.

- Professional Training.

International Financial Reporting Standard 16 (IFRS16)

Enabling enterprises to shift from operating leases to finance leases in compliance with the application of IFRS16 and to indicate the impact of this application on the balance sheet and financial statements of the enterprise.

Enabling the organization to register a specific number of leases (in accordance with the purchased license) and manage these contracts technically and administratively (documentation and accounting).

The possibility of linking the system to the accounting system of the institution automatically so that the acquisition of the opening accounting and periodic (monthly), which include monthly depreciation restrictions and benefits and restrictions related to extinguish the right to use the asset Right of Use and the corresponding liabilities.

Address all conditions and conditions that may be covered by the lease contract, such as the commitment to a "minimum" period, "extension of contract term" or "Residual Value"

Reports relating to rent payment schedules and all related details (lease payment schedule)

Reports on the movement of accounts individually and collectively, including calculation of the right to use the asset, depreciation, etc.

The easy of future development, which is the possibility of building other models according to the management policy of tenancy contracts in the institution.

The system is simple and easy to use and supports both Arabic and English.

Strategic & Performance Management

A developer of state-of-the-art technology in the world of systems development.

High speed, easy of use, high work efficiency, seamless integration with existing systems and other systems, including systems developed by Global in the areas of governance, compliance, risk management and risk management audit.

Easy, efficient and efficient in task management dynamically with the ability to define Task Status and control and easy to assign it according to the flowchart that is defined and controlled according to the structure, policies and systems of work in the enterprise with the possibility of allocating a special flowchart for some sensitive tasks and according to business requirements.

Flexibility and ability to assign tasks on more than one basis (user, administrative role, department / operational unit), enhancing the efficiency and operational efficiency of operations in the enterprise or project.

Ability to create main tasks and distribute them to sub-tasks and set deadlines for execution and assign them to different implementer (user, administrative role or operational unit).

Ability to split and assign tasks to team members, third parties, or both together with efficient management, where the size of the assignment from the main tasks is controlled to sub-tasks and to monitor the performance effectiveness of the entities assigned to implementation.

Identify and manage more than one project at the same time

Define and manage multiple phases of a project, define its hierarchy and inter connectivity and identify task forces.

A powerful system that allows you to divide and distribute tasks to the project team according to the phases of implementation and performance monitoring in a holistic manner.

Ability to control the settings through which the powers are granted to users according to the nature of their duties in the team in the project or in accordance with their administrative role and powers granted to them in accordance with the policies and regulations of the institution.

 Instant notifications and email alerts help you get alerts to start or complete a task in terms of timely commitment, which enhances performance control and more efficient and efficient operations.

Library of reports and dashboards that keep the Department up-to-date on the status of task management and enhance managerial and operational efficiency in projects and institutions.

The ability to manage sales, promotion and marketing campaigns very effectively when used with the Automated Email Management System, a system within the SHIRAA.

e-Document Management System (GGeDMS)

Electronic Document Management System; archiving solution enable SMEs to mange their archiving effectively and efficiently (affordable low cost solution).

International Financial Reporting Standard (IFRS 17)

Don't Wait Till 1/1/2023 to get compliance with IFRS 17

Start Today and be in full compliance with the standard.

Risk Grouping and Segmentation

Risk Adjustments and Modeling

Accounting, Reporting and Disclosures

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NAJAT; The Comprehensive Disaster Risk Management

Disaster Risk Management Software (NAJAT). A comprehensive E2E Software to manage Disaster Risk Management; Both: Natural Disasters and Man-Made Disasters.